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    ECE Paris Master’s degree is accredited by the CTI Comission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (Engineering Education Commission), by the European Research Council (erc) and by the french ministry of higher education and research.

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Health & Technology



The goal of the Health & Technology major is to train engineers who will be able to work with healthcare professionals, design, implement and deploy innovative technology strategies to improve the quality of care and support for patients and thus respond to the current challenges of healthcare systems (aging populations, disparities in access to care, and improving preventive care) ; by putting the user at the heart of their approach and integrating source analysis of the environment, understanding the needs and issues of acceptability of new technologies by the patients, health care staff and caregivers.


The program trains students in science, technology and medical engineering in a multidisciplinary and collaborative framework. This is made possible because the courses are taught by researchers in science and medicine, engineers, and health professionals (doctors, nurses, and occupational therapists) in the form of lectures and labs, but also using experience feedback, case studies, seminars on the latest technological advances and project work. Visits to hospitals, companies and research laboratories complete the training.


Learning Outcomes

Command of a broad technological field for the development of the healthcare system. Electroni- and computer skills for the design and development of medical devices having various applications (imaging, robotics, and health ICT); implementation of health information systems, and regulatory monitoring.



1st year of the Master’s program
  • Anatomy, physiology and measurement
    • Anatomy and physiology,

    • Biomedical instrumentation and data acquisition

    • Signal processing,

  • Medical Imaging
    • Nuclear imaging, laser, ultrasound and magneti- resonance

    • Image processing,

  • Robotics
    • Mechanical

    • Instrumental chain

    • Automatic

    • Medical robotics,

    • programming robotics

    • Visits to research laboratories, medical establishments and health care facilities

2nd year of the Master’s program




  • Healthcare Engineer
  • R & D Engineer for Medical Devices
  • Application Engineer
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