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Connected Things, Networks and Services



While access to broadband Internet (fixed or mobile) has become widespread and the cost of connection falls due to competition, the economic focus of the Telecommunication industry has shifted in favor of manufacturers of connected devices and service providers. In the past few years, the usages of connected objects have increased and offer the promise of changing daily consumer behavior.


The Internet of Things accompanies traditional economy into its transition to digital form. We witness today examples in many fields such as wearables, connected cars, smart homes, smart city and digital payments. Mountains of data accumulated by all these connected objects create value. For some, it is “the oil of the 21st century”. Relating the usage of an object situated in a remote cloud to an economic model, the object then becomes a service.


To develop these services, it is necessary to have an overall vision. The first step is to think like the designer and reflect upon the user experience. The last step will be to understand the market and analyze the value chain of the connected services. What is in between these steps is obtaining the technical engineering skills, which is the goal of this specialization.


Within this specialization, you will progressively acquire the technological skills relating to Internet and radio networks. The first semester focuses on the connected objects and quick prototyping. The second semester puts emphasis on web and mobile applications. The third semester specifically addresses on services architecture and construction of platforms. It includes two week long seminars built as “dev camps” where students will practice their 360° vision of a service design.


Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to design an end to end connected service incorporating the user experience and economic relevance.
  • Ability to propose a connected object prototype, to develop a mobile and web application, to define network architecture, to deploy and operate a service platform.





  • Innovation project manager
  • Service Designer
  • Architect of convergent solutions
  • Mobile application developer
  • Smartphone Application Developer
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