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    37, Quai de Grenelle
    75015 PARIS, FRANCE

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    ECE Paris Master’s degree is accredited by the CTI Comission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (Engineering Education Commission), by the European Research Council (erc) and by the french ministry of higher education and research.

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Innovative teaching tools

The Communication Center

The Communication Center uses a program of “Blended Learning” that provides innovative language courses face to face with teachers as well as e-learning content. The Center features a Social Learning platform that promotes a student’s progress via online exchanges.


The Learning Center

By using the Internet, the Learning Center is a virtual space at the intersection of knowledge job fairs near me and learning. For both students and teachers, it provides access to a wide range of documentaries and digital information resources such as: international press, trade journals, economic and financial databases, an extensive library of e-books in the fields of management science, humanities, science, technology and computers (ScholarVox = International). E-learning content and resources enrich the means to teach, learn and acquire knowledge in general: Campus CrossKnowledge includes modules for learning, short videos on strategy, management, communication and personal development. A new method called Orthodidacte is used for learning and perfecting spelling and grammar (in French). Students have free unlimited access to the Learning Center which also allows teachers to come up with innovative educational programs by combining these digital resources.



ECE Paris is a member of INSEEC U.

INSEEC U. is the leading French Group in private higher education with International campuses ; in San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Monaco and Geneva.


23 500 Students
9 campuses
and abroad
More than 50 jobs

Four majors disciplinary centers and one sector dedicated to guest of excellence

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logo InseecEngineering
logo InseecCommunication /
Creation & Creative thinking
/ Digital / Design
logo InseecPolitical Sciences
and International
logo InseecLuxury, Real Estate ,
Sport, Wine
and Spirits
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