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    ECE Paris Master’s degree is accredited by the CTI Comission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (Engineering Education Commission), by the European Research Council (erc) and by the french ministry of higher education and research.

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Mission and values

ECE Paris educates general and high-tech engineers eager to create solutions to today’s most pressing social challenges.
During their studies in France and abroad, ECE Paris students gain the expertise required in all the major sectors: industry, manufacturing, energy, construction, transportation, trade and distribution, finance, insurance, administration, health, education, culture, media, etc.
ECE Paris combines core training in science and high technology with the possibility for students to build their own personalized program. This ensures that our innovative, highly sought-after engineering graduates are well-equipped and motivated to contribute to a stronger economy. 






The ability to mobilize resources from a broad field of core sciences is the sine qua non of any engineering practitioner, who will be called to design, implement and monitor complex systems. Mathematics, physics, applied physics, computer science, management, finance and organization theory form an essential foundation for working on projects and problems that incorporate technological, economic and social dimensions. By facilitating understanding of how different disciplines interact, ECE Paris Engineering School strives to give its future engineers a broad perspective.


ECE Paris expertise can be judged by the immediate effectiveness of its young graduates in companies.

Acquired in both the major programs and specializations, this expertise is what prompts industrial employers to recruit ECE Paris engineering graduates, coupled with the appeal of many other factors likely to favor their future advancement in the company.

ECE Paris’s seven majors cover the whole high technology field (information systems, embedded systems, connected things, networks and services) and the heavily technology-reliant industries (Energy, Finance, Transport, Health).

The majors are extended into final-year specializations on subjects as varied and futuristic as robotics, design and nanotechnology.


Openness is a state of mind encouraged as much by the life of the school as by the variety of programs available. It takes extremely varied forms, from international experience to social engagement, from the focus on major planetary challenges to sporting and cultural activities. It is central to our education programs thanks to the integration of sectors that have a significant need for general & high-tech engineers.

Openness between sectors diversifies the profile of ECE engineers, and strengthens their ability to respond to industrial issues and society’s expectations in today’s highly international environment. Openness also means exploring the huge variety of engineering professions, from research to consultancy via business engineering, entrepreneurship and project management.





ECE Engineers – Openness – Fundamentals – Expertise






“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings.”

The “roots” are science, technology, management and administration, project management and social development. The “wings” are a professional attitude, international experience, business approach, personal development, behavior and values.


Reputed for training top-level engineers, the school is also recognized for its commitment to transmitting sound values: ethics, solidarity, respect, listening, openness, autonomy and sharing. These permeate both the programs and the everyday relationship between faculty, staff and students.


Engineers are key players in the development of a company. Their responsibility to drive progress and their leadership role come with human and civic obligations. The objective of ECE Paris Engineering School is not only to teach these values, but also to make sure they are brought to bear on every moment of professional and personal life. Diversity is also central to the school’s education strategy. The first-year engineering class attests to this: 50% of students are from the ECE Paris undergraduate preparatory program (prépa), 37% from classic preparatory programs and 13% from alternative backgrounds (technology diploma, university undergraduate). The diversity of student backgrounds is a great source of enrichment and stimulation, especially when working in teams.







ECE Paris is a member of INSEEC U.

INSEEC U. is the leading French Group in private higher education with International campuses ; in San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Monaco and Geneva.


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