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Students projects

Two projects awarded by Challenges Citoyens CGI




How to make middle school students interested in digital technologies? How to create links between professors from different schools by allowing them to share the best pedagogical practices? The project WAS Station answers to those two questions by offering a pedagogical kit for life science classes. The goal for the students: build an environmental measuring station using an electronic multi-component kit.


This initiative, based on crucial issues that this generation is facing such as climate change and pollution, gives the children a hands-on experience: they build a weather station themselves. After that, they will be able to share the measurements provided with the community formed by all the middle schools associated with this project.






How to feed oneself and where to shower and spend the night when you live on the streets?  How to know your rights when you are homeless or a refugee?

The project Infomeless brings a solution by using digital technologies to collect and spread useful information to those who find themselves living on the streets and to people who want to help them. The team has built up a data base and developed a mobile application and now wishes to display dedicated interactive terminals in big cities.



What are the similarities between those two projects? There are many. First of all, they are both conducted by engineering students from ECE Paris.


They are also both the result of the will to use digital technologies for the common good. Another resemblance resides in the approach that consists in getting in touch with users of their service, interrogating them, testing their concept with them and gradually adapting it. 


For the fifth time the global leader in digital services CGI has selected student projects matching its social and environmental values. In order to encourage them to further their ambitions, CGI has awarded several prizes in the framework of the Challenges Citoyens.


The social dimension and the user oriented approach are certainly what CGI has wished to award in those two projects lead by ECE Paris students. Indeed, it awarded Infomeless with the prize from the Solidarity category and gave its Coup de Coeur to Was Station.


This is a new source of pride for ECE Paris and its students!




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